Thailand motorcycle industry with the development of the automobile industry

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   Thailand motorcycle industry with the development of the automobile industry
    Thailand's motorcycle industry and automobile industry almost synchronous development. Before the last century 60's, the Thailand motorcycle all rely on imports. At the beginning of the 60's, Thailand began to introduce foreign motorcycle production line, and foreign motorcycle manufacturers to set up a motorcycle assembly plant in Thailand, starting from the assembly, and gradually transition to a homemade motorcycle.
Thailand's motorcycle market is dominated by Japanese products. At present, there are 5 motorcycle assembly factory in Thailand, including 4 Japanese brand motorcycle, namely Honda (Honda), SUZUKI (Suzuki), (Kawasaki), YAMAHA (Yamaha), and the other is the production of Cagiva luxury motorcycle.
According to the provisions of the world trade organization, Thailand has canceled the provisions of the local content of motorcycle production, in order to improve the quality of the domestic motorcycle industry, and increase industrial competitiveness. Thailand's main export market is the United States and ASEAN countries. Thailand has become the main production base and export center of motorcycle in Southeast asia. Currently in the world of motorcycle exports, Japan, Italy and China were ranked first, second and third, Thailand ranked in ninth place.
Two, Thailand motorcycle industry development status
(a) production
1996, Thailand motorcycle production has reached 1437800. Into 1997, due to the impact of the financial crisis, Thailand's motorcycle production was down, to 1998 output is only 600000. In 2000, the output of the Thailand motorcycle returned to 1125700. In 2003, the first breakthrough 2000000, reaching 2378500. 2005 production exceeded 3548000, reaching 3000000. 2008 output is 3029000. Thailand production of motorcycle 95--99% above for home based motorcycles, 1 - 5% is motor type motorcycle.
(two) domestic sales

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